Saturday, January 19, 2013

The beginning of a journey

I learnt something new about the company
I learnt on how to be a good leader,
to identify myself,
to know who I am before I know who Im gonna be
and where I wanna go in the near future..
yah,basically its all about the vision and mission in aour life.
Most importantly, I met new friendssss! 
they are pretty awesome! hehe 
It's been  great knowing all of them and...
hanging out with them :)

Spending time together for two weeks make it hard for us
 on the last day..
te bond formed n created was really strong
I know it's only two weeks ,but thats the fact..
'Perpisahan Ini' was the theme song on that day

but now I realize that ...actually it is not the end..
this is the beginning of a journey
the beginning of our friendship
and also the beginning of our career
so lets move forward, together!
thats the way we can stand our ground n never back down

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