Saturday, January 26, 2013


Eyeayyyyy! Finally, I mnaged to complete the BOSET and get my certificate!!
BOSET is actually the acronym for 
Basic Offshore Safety for Emergency Training.
I felt sooo relieved now because the nightmare has gone ^_~
Tough it may seem easy to others...(swimming,jump from the platform,diving,etc)..but not for me T_T
I always hve an anxious feeling when doing any activities at the lake or sea or even swimming pool!haha :P (ini serius!)
I really really reallyyy dont know how to swim >_<
but after this training, I think Im gonna learn or hv to take swimmin class from my friend *sigh

 Okay, this training is all about the basic offshore safety, basic fire fighting system,sea survival and helicopter underwater escape training.
Hmm basically it is good to have some knowledge on how to escape or survive in the case of emergency..selamat atau tak, semuanya dengan izin Allah kan. :)
The trainers were also very helpful, well trained and keep on giving motivation to the participants.

Special thanks to my friends for their endless support!ahaks! ^_~


nasri.azlan said...

aku nampak kurus..haha

Nurul Haniza said...

ahhaha..suke la tu :-D