Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Have u smiled today?

A gift from the heart
A gift that no one can resist
And a gift that everyone can give

A smile
Has a magical touch
It can melt iron in winter
And bloom a dying flower
The twinkling of an eye

No one is too poor to give it
And no one will be poor when giving it
A man will only be richer than ever
When he gives it sincerely from his heart
Everyone deserves to receive a smile
And everyone should give one
Because it is the smile
That costs u nothing
But gives u everything

A smile
A precious treasure
A priceless gift
From everyone to you
From you to everyone


1 comment:

Nur Hidayah said...

thanx for cheering me up, whenever i was feeling down. thanx for all those jokes. smoga ceria2 slalu. Allah bless u always.. :)